Real Estate Assets

We expertly invest Earn capital proceeds into high-performing real estate assets, owned and managed by Alta Finance.

Gain visibility and insight into the exciting real estate assets purchased. Full transparency with a monthly Net Asset Value report available to $ALTA token holders and Asset and Liabilities published to the Alta Finance Treasury via Alta Asset (raALTA) and Alta Debt (rdALTA) stablecoins.

Rolling Funds

Alta Finance will utilize rolling funds to organize the real estate assets backing the ALTA token in the Treasury. All funds will be listed on the Treasury page. Below are the current funds planned:

  • Dream Fund

    Location 🌎 Global
    Strategy Design, develop and launch innovative real estate products.

  • Long-Term Fund

    Location 🇺🇸 United States
    Strategy Buy and hold long-term multi-family, neighborhood, and other innovative real estate products for long-term residual income.

  • Short-Term Fund

    Location 🇺🇸 United States
    Strategy Purchase and sell short-term land development and multi-family projects on a less than 18-month timeframe.

Alta Real Estate Assets

  • Assets coming soon.

Our Vision for The Future

We believe in a sustainable future where real estate enhances our lives and becomes a blueprint for better living. All financed using crypto technology. Come see what we have planned.