Alta Finance Roadmap

V1 Updated August 2022

  • Future2022-09
    Invest V1 on Alta Protocol

    Alta Finance will launch our first version of the Invest protocol on our custom Avalanche subnet.

  • Future2022-09
    Alta Protocol Launch

    Alta Protocol launches on the Avalanche network as a custom subnet, powered by the ALTA token.

  • Future2022-09
    Alta Finance integrates Parallel Markets

    Alta Finance will integrate Parallel Markets KYC/AML NFT for DeFi into Earn V2.1 and Invest V1.

  • Future2022-09
    Earn V2.1 Cross-chain

    Earn V2.1 will launch on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smartchain (BSC), Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Aurora, and Fantom.

  • Future2022-08
    ALTA Token Fantom Bridge

    ALTA token will go live on Fantom mainnet.

  • Future2022-08
    ALTA Token Aurora Bridge

    ALTA token will go live on Aurora mainnet.

  • Future2022-08
    ALTA Token listing on Probit Global

    ALTA Token will go live on Probit Global exchange.

  • Release2022-08
    Alta Finance Treasury Deprecated

    Alta Finance has deprecated the Treasury and Monthly Net Asset value reports in preparation for the launch of the Alta Invest™ protocol.

  • Launch2022-08
    ALTA Token Optimism Bridge

    ALTA token live on Optimism mainnet.

  • Launch2022-08
    ALTA Token Arbitrum Bridge

    ALTA token live on Arbitrum mainnet.

  • Partnership2022-06
    Alta Finance partners with Chainalysis

    Alta Finance partners with Chainalysis for KYT and wallet screening on our DeFi platform.

  • Launch2022-06
    Earn V2 on BNB Smartchain

    Earn V2 launches on BNB Smartchain.

  • Launch2022-06
    ALTA Token BNB Smartchain Bridge

    ALTA token live on BNB Smartchain mainnet.

  • Launch2022-05
    Earn V2 on Avalanche

    Earn V2 launches on Avalanche.

  • Launch2022-05
    ALTA Token Avalanche Bridge

    ALTA token live on Avalanche mainnet.

  • Release2022-05
    Alta Finance Launches Earn V2, Bringing Real Estate to Crypto

    Alta Finance launches V2 of its Earn saving protocol to bring real estate yield to the DeFi community. Alta Finance will utilize the funds lent via the Earn protocol to purchase real estate assets to be placed in either the Short-term, Long-term, or Dream funds held in the Alta Finance Treasury.

  • Launch2022-05
    Earn V2

    Earn V2 launches on Ethereum and Polygon.

  • Release2022-05
    Alta Finance launches Alta Web3 Labs

    Alta Finance has launched a crypto development shop, Alta Web3 Labs. Alta Web3 Labs is a one-stop software development division that allows for global companies and projects to hire custom smart contract, NFT, DeFi, auditing, and user interface work found in Alta Finance's in-house development team.

  • Launch2022-04
    ALTA Token Solana Bridge

    ALTA token live on Solana mainnet.

  • Launch2022-03
    ALTA Token Polygon Bridge

    ALTA token live on Polygon mainnet.

  • Launch2022-03
    ALTA Token Live on Ethereum

    ALTA token live on Ethereum mainnet. 1:1 swap for AFN token.

  • Release2022-03
    AltaFin is re-branding to Alta Finance

    AltaFin will become Alta Finance. We will be launching a new token, Alta Finance ALTA to replace the AltaFin AFN token on a 1:1 swap on Ethereum and Polygon (more chains coming soon). Treasury will update with new pools and assets.

  • Launch2022-02
    Earn Ethereum

    Earn on Ethereum will allow anyone to earn USDC interest on real assets by opening an Earn contract using AltaFin AFN token.

  • Launch2022-02
    Earn Polygon

    Earn on Polygon will allow anyone to earn USDC interest on real assets by opening an Earn contract using AltaFin AFN token.

  • Launch2022-01
    AltaDebt (raAFN) Token Launched

    AltaFin deploys the AltaDebt (rdAFN) on the Polygon mainnet to represent Real World Debts in our Treasury.

  • Launch2022-01
    AltaAsset (raAFN) Token Launched

    AltaFin deploys the AltaAsset (raAFN) on the Polygon mainnet to represent Real World Assets in our Treasury.

  • Release2022-01
    AltaFin Treasury

    AltaFin treasury is launched for full financial disclosure – combing real world assets and blockchain technology.

  • Launch2022-01
    AFN Token Solana Bridge

    AFN token will go live on Solana mainnet.

  • Release2022-01
    CeFi Platform Deprecated

    AltaFin CeFi platform is deprecated to go purely DeFi.

  • Launch2021-12
    AFN Token Polygon Bridge

    AFN token is now multi-chain and live on Polygon mainnet.

  • Release2021-12
    DeFi Platform

    AltaFin's core DeFi user-interface and platform is publicly available via Web3 wallet, like Coinbase®, TrustWallet® or MetaMask®.

  • Launch2021-12
    AltaHelix xAFN Staking Protocol and Token

    When AFN is staked into Helix, users receive xAFN in return for voting rights and a fully composable token that can interact with other protocols.

  • Launch2021-11
    AltaDivergence Smart Contract

    Announcing the Divergence smart contract. Single transaction arbitrage across 2 DEX. All major DEX support. No capital required. Available via API on Ethereum mainnet.

  • Release2021-11
    Registers with FinCEN

    US Federally registered with FinCEN.

  • Release2021-08
    CeFi Platform

    AltaFin CeFi platform launches and is available at CeFi platform utilizes latest security protocols – Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provided by AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS): • Delegated Key Management • Non-Custodial • AES-256 with 384-bits of entropy.

  • Launch2021-04
    New Headquarters

    AltaFin adds its first official headquarters at 3300 N Triumph Blvd, Suite 100, Lehi, UT 84043.

  • Launch2021-04
    AltaFin AFN Token

    AltaFin AFN Token launch on Ethereum mainnet.

  • Launch2020-08
    Altafin Inc

    AltaFin forms as a Delaware C-Corp in the United States as Altafin Inc.