AltaFin is rebranding to Alta Finance

March 15, 2022 / Crypto

AltaFin is rebranding to Alta Finance 🚀

We will be launching a new token, Alta Finance ALTA to replace the AltaFin AFN token on a 1:1 swap on Ethereum, and Polygon (more chains coming soon). Treasury will update with new pools and assets.

You will not have to do anything. We will airdrop the ALTA tokens to the current AFN holders. In addition, we will have new liquidity/swapping pools launching.

Earn saving will update to accept ALTA tokens to open. All existing Earn contracts will migrate seamlessly.

This will allow us to move from an upgradeable ERC-20 contract to a locked ERC-20 contract and prepare for listings on major sites in the future as well as line up some amazingly innovative real estate projects releasing in < 30 days.

Target completion date: March 18, 2022