Alta Finance

Ticker: ALTA
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Alta Finance ALTA Token
Available Today

Available for swap on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche or Binance protocols inside your DeFi wallet of choice.

How do I get ALTA?

Global Exchanges

Use CoinMarketCap® or CoinGecko® to find exchanges where you can purchase the ALTA token.


The ALTA token is now available for instant swap via your Web3 wallet.

Earn Bonus

Currently earn an ALTA bonus on Earn contracts. Paid out instantly at contract close date.


Token price rolling history.
8 hour historical range.


Join our Mission

By owning ALTA you are joining
our exciting community of

Token Market Data Aggregators

View additional market details on the AltaFin AFN token from top crypto data aggregators.

Token Model & Roadmap

Learn about the Alta Finance ALTA Token and its utility via our simple white paper or follow along our journey with the Roadmap.