Alta Finance Token Model

V3 Updated March 2022


AltaFin AFN has been replaced with Alta Finance ALTA on a 1:1 swap.

ALTA is Alta Finance's native protocol token, currently issued on Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana following the ERC-20 standard.

The ALTA token is a utility token designed to facilitate community governance and build a community around bringing real world assets to crypto via the Alta Finance platform.

Token Specs

Token Name Alta Finance Token
Token Ticker ALTA
Token Type ERC-20
Token Supply 10,000,000,000

Token Utility


  • Earn ALTA bonuses on Earn saving contracts


  • Vote on future protocol adjustments with your ALTA token


  • ALTA will be the core token powering all protocols inside the Alta Finance DeFi Ecosystem, including but not limited to: Earn, Invest, Pool, and more.
  • ALTA is accepted as a lending asset to open Earn saving contracts
  • Long-term ALTA holders will accumulate more voting power for governance

Token Distribution

Allocation Distribution
Founders • 1,200,000,000 ALTA Tokens (12%) • Founders launched the initial version of the Alta Finance Protocol • Tokens are vested; see release schedule below.
Team and advisors • 800,000,000 ALTA Tokens (8%) • Team and advisors involved in the launch & execution of the AltaFin Protocol over initial 6 year period • Tokens are vested; see release schedule below.
Vault reserve • 7,800,000,000 ALTA Tokens (78%) • Reserved for Alta Finance bonus interest payments, rewards, staking, defi protocol fees, strategic liquidity and governance • Strategic market liquidity providers to maintain secondary markets for ALTA
LP Incentives • 200,000,000 ALTA Tokens (2%) for LP incentives

Token Release Schedule

  • Founders
    Tokens will be locked for up to 60 months; To be distributed at founding teams discretion
  • Team and Advisors
    🔒 Vesting monthly over each team and/or advisor initial engagement; Used a payment method for services rendered via contractors
  • Vault Reserve
    🏦 Vault Reserve tokens will be securely stored with multi-sig wallets and utilized for purposes listed above