1 ALTA = $0.112
ALTA is the real estate asset powered token

Join us on our mission

Alta Finance is building ALTA, the token powering the future transition of
$280 trillion of global real estate assets into the Alta Finance Treasury.

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Help us build a better future and
world-changing real estate by
loaning your crypto to Alta Finance.

Loan your crypto assets, earn real estate yield with ALTA bonus.
Stable with interest redeemable daily.
Available on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain.

Treasury Transparency

Introducing Alta Finance Treasury.
Web3 transparency, real world asset stability.
Powered by the ALTA, raALTA, and rdALTA tokens.


Rolling Funds

Alta Finance will utilize rolling funds to organize the real estate assets powering the ALTA token in the Treasury. All funds will be listed on the Treasury page.

Gain visibility and insight into the exciting real estate assets purchased. Full transparency with a monthly Net Asset Value report available to $ALTA token holders and Asset and Liabilities published to the Alta Finance Treasury via Alta Asset (raALTA) and Alta Debt (rdALTA) stablecoins.

  • Dream Fund

    Location 🌎 Global
    Strategy Design, develop and launch innovative real estate products.

  • Long-Term Fund

    Location 🇺🇸 United States
    Strategy Buy and hold long-term multi-family, neighborhood, and other innovative real estate products for long-term residual income.

  • Short-Term Fund

    Location 🇺🇸 United States
    Strategy Purchase and sell short-term land development and multi-family projects on a less than 18-month timeframe.

Financial + Operational Transparency

Alta Finance has setup the following for full operational and financial transparency:
  • The Alta Finance Treasury with all real and digital assets;
  • Monthly Net Asset Value report available to ALTA token holders;
  • World-class team with deep domain expertise to execute mission;


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Earn Real Estate Yield

Earn stable, long-term yield

Earn makes it easy to have exposure to the underlying real estate asset revenue streams from the Treasury wrapped in a smart contract.

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