Stressing about the volatility of stocks and digital assets?

Invest in low-risk, stable, US 🇺🇸 real estate projects to earn weekly interest directly with your Web3 wallet

ALTA Finance is the easy, modernized, and stable real estate investing platform for the Web3 investor. Get started today for as little as $100.

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ALTA Finance team launches Invest to counteract the volatile stock and digital asset markets with a more traditional real estate investing approach that can lead to more stable long-term returns.

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Launching January 2023

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Our Unique Wealth Generation

ALTA Finance provides a range of Invest offering benefits to fit your investment objectives and simplify having exposure to real estate yield.

Stable Long-term Yield

Our Invest offerings offer long-term stable yield with required interest reserves.

Weekly Interest Redemptions

Turn your real estate investments into cash-flow using our Invest offerings.

Fastest Investment Process

Our innovative smart contracts allow you to invest or redeem instantly, without wire or ACH transfers and 3-7 business day delays.

How It Works

We Make Real Estate Investing Simple
  1. Connect your Web3 wallet
  2. Get ALTA Verified
  3. One-click Invest

Connect With Us

Our dedicated ALTA Concierge Team is standing by to help simplify your real estate investing process.