Web3 Real-World Asset Investing

A complete Web3 platform for investing in real-world assets

ALTA Finance is the game-changing Web3 platform for investing in real-world asset debt and equity offerings. Build a diversified portfolio of investments curated by our industry-leading research team.

How It Works

Connect Wallet

Connect your Web3 wallet directly on this site to interact and Invest.

ALTA Verified

Get ALTA Verified with our simple 2-minute KYC process provided by Persona®.

One-Click Invest

Select your desired Invest offering and one-click to invest directly from your Web3 wallet.

Individual investments

The ALTA Finance platform offers debt or equity investments in individual real-world asset offerings, such as office, multi-family, retail, and industrial real estate as well as our latest asset class, blue-chip collectible automotive.

Typical investment horizons range from 1 to 7 years with minimum investments from $100 USDC.

Investment Classes

Curated Deals

The ALTA Finance team uses industry veterans with deep domain expertise to advise and curate selected Invest offerings with high potential.

Real Estate We always aim to target 10-year economic growth targets that exceed the national average combined with population influx.
Automotive We always aim to target 7-year cycles focusing on highly collectible and rare assets.

Get Started

Build the perfect real-world asset investment portfolio

Each Invest offering includes financials, a flow of funds transparency sheet, regular updates, and an auditable smart contract with full interest reserves, if applicable. All designed to empower you to make informed decisions in pursuit of your financial goals.

Platform Fees

As one of the first Web3 platforms for investing in real-world assets, you will never pay any fees to utilize the ALTA Finance Web3 investing services. We charge our platform fees to the deal sponsor.

Popular Questions

  • What is ALTA Finance?

    ALTA Finance, a Web3 platform, allows users to explore and invest in top-tier Real-World Asset opportunities using their Web3 wallet. Through ALTA Finance, users can easily browse offerings, review financials, and make investments.

    Once users Invest, they can access their investments anytime through My Account. Disclaimer: ALTA Finance doesn't offer investment advice. Users are responsible for their own due diligence and we encourage consulting with a professional advisor. View all disclaimers here.

  • What types of real estate investment opportunities do sponsors offer using the ALTA Finance platform?

    ALTA Finance’s platform will be utilized by a wide variety of real estate companies (also known as “Sponsors”) that offer commercial real estate projects throughout the United States.

    Individual deals that have been presented on the platform by Sponsors may include:

    • Apartment buildings
    • Office
    • Retail
    • Industrial
    • Mixed-use
    • Ground-up development
    • Self-storage
    • Cold storage
    • Mobile home parks

  • What types of automotive investment opportunities do sponsors offer using the ALTA Finance platform?

    Individual deals that have been presented on the platform by Sponsors may include:

    • Blue-chip Collectibles
    • Race Vehicles
    • Automotive Galleries
    • Automotive Art

  • Where is the company located?

    ALTA Finance is headquartered in Orem, Utah, United States.

  1. Please read the details on each specific offering to fully understand the methodology for calculating the annual management fee and potential future profit. Additional expenses and fees associated with acquiring, sourcing, annual taxes or selling the asset may be paid by the issuer special purpose entity.
  2. Invest offerings are open globally to any investor who is not a citizen or legal entity within any of our Prohibited Jurisdictions. US investors may need to provide additional documentation to qualify as “Accredited Investors”, as defined by the SEC.
  3. ALTA Verified services are provided by Persona®.