Alta Bonds

Financing company growth using our Web3 corporate bond program.

Available for ALTA Verified wallets.

Our Bonds

Our Bonds are utilized to finance company growth, capital expenditures, and technology investments in the core business, outside the scope of real-world asset specific investments.


We aim to build code and smart contracts around real world asset financing and investing.

Human Capital

We aim to invest heavily in top-talent to help us on our mission of building the easiest Web3 real-world asset investing platform.


We believe our design-centric approach showcases the quality of our real world assets.

Current Offerings & Rates

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*These are our current bond offerings. Coupons, maturities, and other details subject to change.

Popular Questions

  • How do ALTA Finance Bonds work?

    Each Bond is organized into an offering on one of our supported chains accepting the supported digital asset for that bond:

    • Denominations of $1,000 USD
    • Fixed-rate simple interest in the form of the digital asset you lend;
    • Interest is redeemable quarterly during term lengths, and principal is unlocked at contract end;
    • Term lengths are from six (6) to ninety-six (96) months;
    • Stablecoins only;
    • One-click interest redemption;

  • Which networks / chains will be supported?

    We aim to support the following chains:

    • Ethereum
    • Polygon
    • Binance
    • Avalanche
    • Optimism
    • Arbitrum


  1. There are risks inherent in investing in bonds, which may adversely affect the bonds’ investment returns. These risks include, for example, market decline, interest rate fluctuations, inflation, default, liquidity, and asset class risks. There is no guarantee that investors will be able to meet their investment objectives. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investors could lose all or part of their investment in a bond.