Our mission is to build ALTA, the token backing the future transition of $280 trillion of global real estate assets into the Alta Finance Treasury.

Stable real estate asset returns, once reserved for elite, high-net-worth individuals, are now available to the average investor using the Alta Finance platform. Crypto makes all this possible.

The Alta Finance platform allows users to open a yield-generating Earn contract using crypto. Users choose their Earn contract length between six and sixty months. Interest is redeemable daily during term lengths, and principal is unlocked at contract end while the ALTA token powers Earn contracts by providing a yield boost to ALTA token holders.

Crypto and web3 are the future of finance

The crypto innovations and protocols represent the re-wiring of the global financial system.

As part of our mission to accelerate the financing of real estate into the crypto ecosystem, Alta Finance aims to push the frontier of technology, finance, monetary policy, game theory, and economics.

Leadership & Team

Alta Finance was co-founded by Jeremy Crane, Ammon Werner, and Rob Fuller.

"We believe cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance will transform the future of the financial and web industries. We are excited to be participating and innovating in this space at this moment in time."
Jeremy Crane, Founder, Product Architect

Core Team

Jeremy Crane

Founder & CEO

Ammon Werner

Co-Founder & Head of Technology

Tiffiny Wallace

Head of Operations
Durham University

Josh Westover

Interim Director of Partnerships

John Kim

Interim Head of Environmental Design
ArtCenter College of Design

Rob Fuller

Co-Founder & Advisor

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Discord Community


Discord Community


Discord Community


Discord Community


Discord Community

Our mission is to bring real world assets to the crypto ecosystem, powered by the Alta Finance ALTA Token.

Alta Finance is committed to our core values of: Innovation, Passion, Collaboration, and Transparency.

Join our Team

We are a tight knit team of visionaries, engineers, builders, and overachievers.

Come join our team on our mission to bring real estate to the crypto ecosystem, powered by Alta Finance ALTA Token. We are passionate about:

  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • DeFi
  • Yield Farming
  • Real Estate
  • Real World Assets

If you’re a mission-driven self-starter who’s comfortable with ambiguity, and who thrives in a fast-paced, collaborative environment, you’re a perfect fit for our team.


Token Model
Read about the Alta Finance Token Model.

Follow along our journey with the Alta Finance Roadmap.

Full financial transparency.