ALTA Finance and ROI Property Group Unveil $50.2M Invest Offering

June 19, 2023 / Invest

ALTA Finance, in collaboration with ROI Property Group, has launched a co-sponsored $50.2m offering on the Ethereum network, funding SFR and Build-to-Rent neighborhoods across Atlanta, Colorado Springs, and San Antonio.

"Today's announcement marks a significant milestone for ALTA Finance as we unveil our $50.2m public offering through the groundbreaking ALTA Invest™ platform. This major step forward demonstrates our commitment to harnessing Web3 technology to transform the real estate investing landscape," stated Jeremy Crane, CEO and Founder of ALTA Finance. "By seamlessly integrating smart contracts into our user-friendly platform, we've simplified the investment and redemption process, allowing investors to execute these operations with just a single click, all within their Web3 wallet."

Founded in 2014 by Rob Fuller, ROI Property Group (ROI), is a real estate development company that has evolved from primarily engaging in fix-and-flip operations of single-family homes and apartment buildings to focusing on large, new-home-build projects since 2016. The company has strategically concentrated its efforts in thriving markets like Colorado Springs and the Atlanta Metro area, due to rising home and rental prices coupled with diminishing housing inventory.

ROI's business model involves acquiring land, rezoning and entitling it, developing infrastructure, and constructing homes either for short-term sale or long-term holding in its own portfolio.


  • 10.29% interest paid daily
  • 3-year investment period
  • Fund is in lien position on all real estate assets
  • $100,000 minimum investment

View Invest offering here.