Cavallo Rosso Introduces Tokenized Ferrari Ownership via NFTs, starting with the iconic Ferrari F40

February 13, 2024 / Invest

The Cavallo Rosso NFT Collection has unveiled its first tokenized Ferrari ownership, of a Ferrari F40, using the ALTA Finance Invest platform. The Ferrari F40, an iconic symbol of automotive supercars, is now accessible to collectors and enthusiasts worldwide in fractional ownership shares.

Offering 1,315 shares of ownership, each NFT represents a share in the Ferrari F40. Non-US NFT Investors can participate in this offering, with a regulatory required 40-day lockup, after which they can transfer their shares on open markets such as Rarible or OpenSea.

After the 10-year hold period, the underlying asset will be sold and the proceeds paid out to the NFT owners. Throughout the 10-year hold period, the collection managers will process continual updates on the storage and maintenance of the asset, ensuring transparency for the NFT holders.

What is the Cavallo Rosso Collection?

Cavallo Rosso is the NFT collection of tokenized Ferrari's as real-world assets. Each NFT represents share of ownership in an iconic Ferrari model, offering enthusiasts the chance to own a piece of automotive history. Cavallo Rosso blends the elegance of Ferrari® with the innovation of blockchain technology, pioneering a new frontier in collectibles where passion meets authenticity. The collection aims to have a total of 24 Ferraris tokenized, with this being the first.

How does this Invest offering work?

Shares of ownership of the target Ferrari F40 will be conducted via individual NFT's. Each NFT will be initially sold for $3,018 USDC. After the investment offering term of 10 years, the Ferrari F40 will be sold and the NFT smart contract has a Redemption function that allows the sponsor to set a redemption price per NFT where the investors NFT can be redeemed for the profit. NFT owners can trade their NFT on available marketplaces throughout the term of ownership.

This initiative marks a groundbreaking development at the intersection of automotive heritage and blockchain innovation, offering a new era of decentralized ownership and investment opportunities in blue-chip automobiles, all powered by ALTA Finance Invest.

For further information, interested individuals can engage with the Cavallo Rosso team via Twitter and Discord or view the Invest Offering here.