Introducing Alta Finance Treasury: web3 transparency, real world asset stability

January 28, 2022 / Crypto

Introducing Alta Finance Treasury:

As part of our mission to drive transparency to our token holders and the broader crypto community, we thoughtfully developed the Alta Finance Treasury for full financial disclosure—combining real world assets and blockchain technology.

Treasury Balance Calculation

The Treasury Balance is calculated using the following formula:

Wallet Total + Exchange Liquidity Pool Ownership Total + AltaAsset Total - AltaDebt Total - Earn Debt Total


These addresses are the working wallets that Alta Finance uses during its course of business. This list will dynamically update as we deprecate wallets for security or add additional wallets for future services or products.


The current liquid holdings inside Alta Finance wallets.


The liquidity pools that Alta Finance owns, including our percentage ownership of each asset.

Real World Assets

The current values of AltaAsset (raAFN) and AltaDebt (rdAFN) representing the real world assets and liabilities of Alta Finance.


The current values and networks inside the Alta Finance vaults. When available, these are held in multi-sig wallets that are not in circulating supply.


The value that Alta Finance Treasury holds inside each network.

To view the current Treasury, click here.