Announcing the launch of Alta Web3 Labs

May 09, 2022 / Crypto

Launch your crypto project in half the time

Crypto platform Alta Finance (ALTA) announces that it has launched a crypto development shop, Alta Web3 Labs.

“We are excited to make our excess development capabilities available to the broader crypto and web3 industry,” said Jeremy Crane, CEO and Founder of Alta Finance. “This division allows our incredible tech team, led by Ammon Werner, to provide their insight, technical prowess, and smart contract development skills to the world, at a fraction of the time required from traditional development shops.

Alta Web3 Labs is a one-stop software development division that allows for global companies and projects to hire custom smart contract, NFT, DeFi, auditing and user interface work from the top-talent found in Alta Finance’s in-house development team. Supported chains include Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Aurora, Solana, Fantom, and more.

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